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Welcome to the "Lead Like a Queen" Program

Empower Your Leadership Journey with Confidence and Grace

As a driven corporate woman in leadership, you face a myriad of challenges that can hinder your journey to success. Gender biases and societal expectations often create roadblocks, leaving you balancing career ambitions, family responsibilities, personal growth, and professional development. These pressures can lead to burnout and stress, making it difficult to fully realize your potential.

The thought of navigating a corporate environment where biases against women undermine your leadership abilities, perpetuates stereotypes that define assertiveness as aggression and emotional intelligence as weakness. It doesn’t stop there: the isolation of striving to excel in your career while shouldering traditional roles expected within your family and community. Sum it up with the frustration of lacking the same level of support and resources as your male counterparts, limiting your opportunities for growth and advancement.

Enter “Lead Like a Queen: Empowering Women in Corporate Leadership,” a transformative program tailored specifically for women like you. Our program not only acknowledges these challenges but provides a comprehensive solution to empower your journey. Through our coaching package, you will receive:

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Welcome to the "Lead Like a Queen" Program

Empower Your Leadership Journey with Confidence and Grace

Personalized Coaching:
Bi-weekly sessions with seasoned corporate coaches who specialize in navigating the unique hurdles faced by women in leadership roles. They will guide you through challenges and empower your professional growth.

Leadership Training:
A carefully curated series of twelve modules covering critical skills such as effective communication, negotiation strategies, strategic planning, and confident decision-making. These modules are designed to equip you with the tools needed to lead with grace and precision.

Community Support:
Connect with a network of like-minded women through interactive group coaching sessions and exclusive networking events. Build meaningful relationships, share experiences, and glean insights from peers and mentors committed to your success.

Career Advancement:
Access practical advice and tailored solutions to navigate leadership challenges, including time management strategies, team dynamics optimization, goal-setting techniques, and personalized career development plans.

Comprehensive Resources:
Gain exclusive access to a suite of resources ranging from online forums to specialized workshops, aimed at enriching your leadership journey and fostering holistic personal development.

At Lead Like a Queen, we are dedicated to breaking down barriers, unleashing your leadership potential, and ensuring you thrive in every facet of your professional journey. Join us today and embark on a transformative experience where your success isn’t just a possibility—it’s a certainty.

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Lead Like A Queen

Women Empowerment & Leadership Program

We offer a comprehensive suite of resources and services designed to empower women in leadership, fostering success across all facets of their lives.

Here’s an overview of the resources and services we provide:

Business Consulting: Practical advice and solutions address everyday leadership challenges, including time management, delegation, team building, goal setting, strategic planning, and vision realization.

Leadership Development: Our program features a series of leadership training and masterclasses covering learning tracts such as self-awareness, self-leadership, public speaking, conflict resolution, confidence and assertiveness, and emotional intelligence.

Entrepreneurship Coaching: Tailored coaching for those looking to start or expand their own businesses, providing guidance and support every step of the way.

Career Advancement: Comprehensive resources and tools to help women climb the career ladder, including resume building, interview skills, and job search strategies.

Personal Development and Mindset Renewal: Dedicated resources focused on personal growth, mindset shifts, and self-discovery to foster professional growth and personal fulfillment.

Life Transformation: A holistic approach to personal and professional development that empowers women to transform their lives meaningfully.

Relationship Building: Tools and resources to help women forge and maintain strong personal and professional relationships.

Our resources and services are thoughtfully designed to support women in leadership by providing the necessary tools, support, and guidance to excel and thrive in every area of life.

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Lead Like A Queen

women empowerment & Leadership program

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SEE WHAT's included

Unlock Your Leadership Potential with Our “Lead Like A Queen” – Women Empowerment and Leadership Package

Elevate your leadership journey with our exclusive “Lead Like A Queen” package, designed specifically for women who aspire to excel in leadership while achieving balance in their personal lives. Here’s what makes our coaching package irresistible:

Personalized Executive Coaching: Dive deep into your leadership potential with one-on-one executive coaching sessions. Each participant receives personalized guidance and support from experienced leadership coaches. For those seeking extra mentoring, private mentorship is available as an add-on.

Comprehensive Leadership Training: Engage in our extensive series of leadership development masterclasses. Topics covered include effective communication, public speaking, negotiation skills, conflict resolution, strategic planning, and decision-making—each crafted to enhance your leadership acumen.

Collaborative Group Mentorship: Benefit from group coaching sessions where you can connect with fellow participants. These sessions provide a platform to share experiences, challenges, and insights, fostering a supportive learning environment.

Exclusive Networking Opportunities: Expand your professional network through a variety of networking events and virtual meetups. Connect with other ambitious women in leadership, building valuable relationships that support your career growth.

Extensive Resources and Support: Gain access to a wealth of resources including online forums, coaching materials, a curated book series, and other essential tools. These resources are designed to bolster your progress and ensure you thrive in your leadership role.

Leadership Skill Assessments: Utilize tools and assessments to help participants identify their strengths and areas for improvement. Tailored feedback and actionable insights can guide their personal development plans.

Mentorship Pairing: Establish a structured mentorship program that pairs participants with experienced leaders in their fields. This one-on-one guidance can provide invaluable advice, support, and career advancement opportunities.

Interactive Workshops: Conduct interactive, hands-on workshops that focus on practical skills such as negotiation techniques, digital literacy, and crisis management. These workshops ensure that learning is not only theoretical but also applicable in real-world scenarios.

Global Leadership Insights: Incorporate case studies and guest speakers from around the world to provide diverse perspectives on leadership. This global outlook prepares participants for the challenges of leading in a multicultural and interconnected business environment.

Career Planning Services: Offer services such as resume reviews, LinkedIn profile workshops, and interview preparation sessions to support women in achieving their career goals effectively.

Wellness and Self-Care Sessions: Recognize the importance of mental and physical well-being in leadership by integrating wellness workshops that teach stress management, mindfulness, and work-life balance techniques.


Our “Lead Like A Queen” package is more than just a coaching program—it’s a transformative experience that equips you with the skills, connections, and support needed to excel as a leader. Embrace this opportunity to grow, lead, and achieve a harmonious balance in every aspect of your life. Join us now and step into the leadership role you were destined for!

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lead like a queen

Women Empowerment and Leadership Program

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This course provides tools for personal growth and stronger relationships, helping you understand your emotions and behaviors to enhance leadership effectiveness.

Begin your journey to self-discovery. Uncover your true self, dreams, and values, supported by a community of leaders, as you redefine your professional identity.

Learn the importance of self-awareness, self-motivation, and self-management, and how to develop a growth mindset. This course will help you become a better leader by first leading yourself.

You’ll delve into Leadership and Influence. This masterclass will teach you how to inspire and motivate your team, how to communicate your vision, and how to use your influence to create positive change in your organization. You’ll learn how to lead by example and how to build a culture of excellence.

The Taking Initiative masterclass will help you become a proactive leader who takes charge and creates opportunities. You’ll learn how to identify problems and find solutions, how to take calculated risks, and how to be innovative in your approach to leadership.master

Building Confidence and Assertiveness will teach you how to become a more confident and assertive leader. You’ll learn how to overcome imposter syndrome, how to speak up for yourself and your team, and how to negotiate with confidence.

Public Speaking is a crucial skill for any leader, and this course will help you become a confident and effective public speaker. You’ll learn how to prepare and deliver compelling speeches, how to connect with your audience, and how to use body language to convey your message.

Christian Women in leadership positions benefit greatly from striking a good Work-Life-Faith Integration so that they don’t burn out or become unfocused in their spiritual, personal or professional lives. This masterclass will delve into the everyday tensions between work and personal life that get in the way of success and fulfillment. In addition, you will learn how to set up safeguards to maintain equilibrium, which will help you make progress efficiently and direct your efforts toward the activities that will have the most significant beneficial impact and influence.

The Women in Leadership seminar discusses the leadership gap, essential leadership qualities, and strategies for overcoming obstacles. Participating in this flagship masterclass will provide insight into how women influence business and society today. This seminar will give a fresh look at the business world and the advantages of advancing women to leadership roles.

While Negotiation Mastery is essential for any leader, women must hone this talent. Most women need to be trained to ask for what they want, and this workshop will emphasize this skill. Many women are notoriously bad at negotiating for themselves. Women are educated from a young age to shy away from negotiation. It seems like breaking the social contract you were raised with when you bargain with someone, and they feel like you’re taking something away from them. Because of this, it’s no surprise that many women find negotiating very challenging. The gendered nature of negotiating methods and the crucial abilities that female leaders must master are highlighted throughout the course. This training will be the most beneficial for female executives or entrepreneurs who need to get used to bargaining and find the process stressful, unpleasant, or challenging. Understanding your opponent well equips you with the knowledge and will to demand what you believe is fair from them. Knowing your value and approaching negotiations confidently and competently are signs of leadership excellence. You will see the need to maintain a respectful environment since unequal bargaining positions might lead to complications.

Emotional intelligence has been shown to be a major indicator of performance and a key factor in both leadership and individual achievement. Those that are emotionally intelligent are better able to interpret social situations, detect deception, and empathize with others. Soft talents may not seem spectacular on paper, but they may be crucial for a Christian woman in a leadership position. Whilst it’s possible to excel professionally without developing emotional agility as an influential woman in leadership being more emotional intelligent is a distinct difference.

The Team Building and Chemistry course will teach you how to build and manage high-performing teams. You’ll learn how to create a culture of collaboration and trust, how to resolve conflicts, and how to motivate and engage your team.


Data reveals that leaders benefit much from Constructive Criticism and that fostering a culture of open communication and criticism is essential for any successful organization. Although Delivering Constructive Criticism is one of the most challenging things for anyone, you will gain valuable knowledge and skills to assist them with this difficult task through this workshop—a company’s bottom line benefits from a successful team. Yet there’s a skill to giving and taking it, and if you don’t master it, it can devastate morale. However, when teams are given constructive criticism, they are more likely to maintain their high standards.

Female leaders would do well to consider the gender gap in response while receiving and offering criticism. This masterclass will examine how different genders interact with feedback and how to maximize productivity in the workplace to manage a high-performing team. You and your business gain much from constructive criticism, if provided it is delivered effectively. It allows management to counteract negative habits, nurture well-rounded, productive workers, and engage in an employee’s professional development by providing constructive criticism for improvement. 

Everyone has the potential to develop and hone the skill of becoming more likable. Complex tensions may occur when a person is in a leadership position and enjoys being liked by others. You will learn to identify potential points of contention and acquire the tools necessary to address them. In this “Being a Likeable Boss Babe” course, you will learn that open communication and trust are the keys to building rapport and fostering relationships. You will learn how to become a more likable leader by practicing confidence in your teams through measures such as minimizing micromanagement, using delegation, and welcoming criticism and feedback. 

During two days, you will participate in live, highly interactive virtual Zoom sessions that will delve into today’s vital discussion themes at the Symposium. Participants in the Lead like a Queen Symposium will have the rare chance to interact in real-time with peers and professionals from the Chayah Club community and globally. You will participate in self-reflection and small-group conversations to apply what you’ve learned in the program to the context of your own life.

Please participate in our upcoming Lead like a Queen Symposium. You’ll examine how business leaders from various sectors have maintained employee engagement, personal empowerment, and resilience during significant strategic and transformative change. You’ll supplement what you learn in the program by applying what you’ve learned to real-world issues that leaders face. During this Symposium, you’ll be delving into several aspects of leadership, such as creativity, vision, innovation, and motivation. Conversations on topics of interest can expose you to new ideas and help you network with people from a wide range of fields.

Join us and invite another queen to the next Lead Like a Queen Symposium.

lead like a queen

Women Empowerment and Leadership Program


This program is one of the best investments I have ever made in myself. I have grown so much since I started the program in February 2021. I am leveling up financially, spiritually, emotionally, physically.. Thanks to Nicky for all the techniques she has been teaching us to help us become the best version of ourselves... An added plus to this program is that I get to meet with some amazing women each session who are also a part of the program. We pour into each other and empower each other. New dreams are being born through each session and Nicky goes above and beyond to give tools, ideas, constructive feedback etc. to help us fulfill them. That financial sacrifice you are about to make to pay for this program is worth it. Just do it! Find me in the Chayah Club and thank me later
Tamika Gordon
Financial Executive
I will run out of words trying to describe this program. It has been beyond my wildest dreams. I was in my valley season when I met Nicola and embarked on this journey. This program catapulted me on the path to living my best life. I was emotionally and spiritually broken. I took a leap of faith with little to no money and joined this program. Nicola dug up all of my buried dreams and passions, put them in a manageable, measurable forum, and set me on the road to rebound and thrive. I have gained so many insights about myself. I have found the courage to live a limitless life and learned steps to leave a legacy behind for my family. And you also get the added bonus of meeting like-minded fabulous women on the same empowerment journey that you have embarked on. I was hesitant to take this program because I didn’t think I had anything the world needed, but Nicola, through this program, showed me differently. This has been one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself and the world because I get to share my God-given gifts with everyone. So if you want to live your best life and impact your life, then take the same leap of faith I did; you will not regret it. And if not for you, do it for your sister, daughter, or anyone you love who wants to live their best life. I hope to see you on the inside. Let’s do Empowerment together
Betty Kennedy


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lead like a queen

Women Empowerment and Leadership Program

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Welcome to Mastermind Cafe—the ultimate platform for global leaders and entrepreneurs. Our community is designed to foster leadership development, workplace learning, executive coaching, and exclusive masterclasses, setting the standard for holistic professional growth. At Mastermind Cafe, members are empowered to excel across all facets of their lives—be it personal or professional. Being part of our vibrant and supportive community not only deepens your learning experience but also enhances your sense of accountability. This leads to more self-directed growth and profound transformation. Join Mastermind Cafe and unlock a world where community, accountability, fulfillment, and empowerment converge to create the ideal environment for leaders and entrepreneurs to thrive. Embrace the journey of continuous learning and personal evolution with us!


The "Lead Like a Queen: Women Empowerment and Leadership" program equips women for transformative leadership. This comprehensive program tackles unique challenges faced by women in leadership, offering: Resilient Leadership Modules: Strategies to navigate and overcome gender biases and glass ceilings. Empowerment Workshops: Boost self-confidence and assertiveness in professional settings. Strategic Networking: Connect with mentors and peers to expand professional networks. Growth Tools: Resources tailored for personal and professional development. Community Engagement: A supportive environment for shared growth and learning. Join "Lead Like a Queen" and embrace a journey toward empowered leadership, balancing professional achievements with personal well-being. Transform your approach to leadership and command respect and success in your career.


At "Lead Like a Queen," we dedicate ourselves to empowering women with a robust framework for personal and professional growth. Our program expertly combines coaching, consulting, and conferences to form a dynamic curriculum centered on enhancing leadership competencies, strategic thinking, and positive psychology. To deepen this foundation, we incorporate thought-sharing sessions and targeted empowerment workshops. These are meticulously designed to bolster confidence, cultivate resilience, and improve communication skills. Together, these elements prepare women to excel and lead effectively across all spheres of life.

Women Empowerment and Leadership Program


After finishing this Leadership program, you will gain the following:

Greater self-awareness:
You will have a better understanding of your strengths, weaknesses, and values, which will enable you to make better decisions and take more intentional action.

Improved communication skills:
You can communicate more effectively with others in personal or professional settings.

Stronger relationships:
You will have the tools and strategies to build and maintain positive relationships with others, which will be critical to your success as a leader.

Enhanced problem-solving abilities:
You can approach challenges and solve problems creatively and confidently.

A better work-life balance:
You will have the skills and strategies to manage your time more effectively, prioritize what matters most, and create a healthy work-life balance.

Greater personal and professional fulfillment:
Ultimately, the Women in Leadership program is designed to help you achieve success, significance, and satisfaction in all areas of your life, including your personal and professional goals.

Overall, completing the Women in Leadership program will empower you to take charge of your life, career, and faith journey and enable you to impact the world around you positively.


Valued at $12, 000 annually

For a limited time only exploit this special offer for only $199 monthly.

Women Empowerment and Leadership Program

Lead Like A Queen: Leadership and Empowerment Training for Professional Women.

Seize the opportunity to join 100 selected women around the globe for a life-changing experience with Dr. Nicola McFadden-Marvin. This empowering coaching program is designed specifically for professional women who are eager to elevate their leadership skills and achieve a harmonious balance between career success and faith-driven living.

This offer includes bi-weekly group and weekly private accountability follow-ups to ensure your progress and success.  

Just for $899

Take advantage of this opportunity to become the woman you truly deserve to be. Today, join the program cohort and balance your personal life with purpose and confidence.

Start Date
July 17, 2024


Gain Access to:
  • Corporate leadership training. Corporate leadership training Empowerment sessions to help you balance career success and your personal life
  • Bi-weekly group coaching to discuss and review coaching assignments on how to Accountability circles and self diagnostic assessments.
  • Personalized development plan to help you achieve your set goals.
  • 15-minute private weekly accountability check-ins.
  • Emotional intelligence training sessions on how to make autonomous decisions while maintaining your soft and feminine nature.
  • An environment tailored to help you set clear professional and personalized goals.
Who should enroll in the Chayah Club Group Coaching cohort:
  • Aspiring women leaders in religion, workplace, and the society female entrepreneurs
  • Women seeking skills for leadership
  • Business professionals.
Meet your Coach 
Dr. Nicola McFadden-Marvin is a seasoned mentor, coach, corporate trainer, servant leader, and leadership develop expert with 20+ years of experience. She’s the founder of Nikimac Solutions, a business consulting agency, and the Chayah Club, an online community that’s empowered over 2000 individuals to live purpose-driven lives. Through her work, Dr. Niki has inspired and equipped numerous individuals in both the Christian community and the corporate world, helping them unlock their potential and achieve success. Her expertise and passion for empowering others have made her a highly respected and sought-after expert in her field. Registration ends soon! Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with a dynamic community of women who share your values and aspirations. Join us and get ready to be inspired, motivated, and empowered to reach new heights in your personal and professional life. Register Now!